"Not young anymore" is a design featuring early 2000's gadgets that millennials grew up with that I made for Threadless' Y2K contest. The briefing came as follows:

Just when you thought the 2000s were dead and buried, here they are, ketchup-dancing their way back to relevance. If the crackling sounds of a dial-up modem still haunt your memories, then you probably have nostalgia (or disdain) for the Y2K aesthetic—obnoxiously bright, futuristic, with a heavy dose of kitsch. For your next Design Challenge, we want you to teleport us back to the turn of the millennium with a brand new work of art.
How will you capture the early-2000s vibe? Maybe you’ll find inspiration in obsolete technologies, like clunky computer hardware or retro video game graphics. Or maybe you’ll focus on the cyberculture of the time, reminiscing about chat rooms, messengers, and early forms of social media.

Sketches and final art are below. All products featuring this design are available at my brand store heysiyi.threadless.com.

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